“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor.” – Anne Lamott Initially, I wanted to write a post about Minimalism but paused at a point because it wasn’t perfect – I struggled with words to write because I wanted it to be intelligent, witty, insightful and void of errors; so as all my posts. Then, it dawned on me  that this is always the same routine that goes with every of my posts- always wanting them to be perfect, even in my shoots and other things I do, which limit me in doing things because making mistakes hasn’t been one thing I love. I’ve always been one who likes doing things…



      So, it’s Friday which screams weekend and rest for most of us, which is a good time to prepare this Lovely Juice/Smoothie for yourself, Family and Friends.   I know what you thinking, and no I haven’t joined the FitFam not yet. This is like a continuation of my Anti-Carbonate Therapy, and it’s both for the SweetMouth *catches sub* and the FitFam.   So, here are steps of making the Juice/Smoothie and it’s quite easy    Requirements:– Watermelon– Blender (not one previously used for tomatoes, make sure its clean or new)– Sieve– Water– Ice cubes – Yoghurt (Optional)     Step 1: Get your Watermelon, and cut it into small cubes. …



      So, I have been on this therapy for a while now, though it was hard considering I was a Drink Addict (like I could count the number of times I drank Water daily), but determination and strength got me through it all. First, it all started as me experimenting what it felt like drinking more water and less drink, then I finally decided to stick to it, and since I have been feeling refreshed and lighter in terms of body weight. I love my readers so much, so I decided to google more about it and post it.  N.B: I am not a FitFam Junkie (might try that sometime? )…

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