Dear Lagos Traffic Travelers: Top Christmas Destinations

    I don’t think anyone looks forward to December in Lagos like I do, because the roads are free, I can get to where I’m going faster than Flash but these days, Hulk Hogan ain’t got nothing on the traffic build-up.  For non-Lagosians here’s a back story; prior to this time, Lagosians are known to travel to their villages for Christmas breaks, leaving us true Lagosians the roads to enjoy. But unfortunately, these travelers have chosen not to travel this month… at least not early like previous years.  I’m wondering why but whatever the reason might be, I’m hoping this post gingers them to *inserts puppy eyes*👀 TOP CHRISTMAS DESTINATION  1.…



    Hey guys,      This post has been sitting in my draft for a long time now, so lets pretend it was posted the time it was supposed to -__- Since this year is choosing to run faster than Usain Bolt, I have decided to do a “Santa came in Early” wishlist. Are you excited that Christmas is in about a month’s time?! I do have mixed feelings, because I’m wondering where all the months ran to, was there a memo concerning race of the fastest year that I wasn’t aware of?! -__- .    Dear Santa,I’ve been good all year round and wouldn’t mind these things and many more…

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