WEEKENDIN’ WITH MW: 42 Hours in Pop Beach Club House, Lagos.


          Hustle Bustle,

     the city of Lagos never rests,

     like its mentor New York, you

          can’t be caught sleeping,

               but the body needs

                its rest…

Arrived the Jetty on Friday 3pm to begin the beachcation because two things to know: 

  • I’m going to Ilashe! Quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of Lagos * whew*
  • You need a boat to get you there.

Waited for the rest of the crew to join us and the journey began. It costs #8,000 per trip for a local boat for 10 people and 30-45 minutes to Ilashe from Lagos state Jetty. 

 Pop beach house Ilashe

With a Bohemian theme, 10 Cabanas clad in white and colorful pillows; I chose a bed with the front view of the beach, you know having such view can relax your nerves. Spent the rest of the day having a bath, chats with the rest of the crew, food and sleep. 


Woke up to my nerve-relaxing view and an announcement that we are going on a hike. Knowing hikes aren’t for the faint-hearted especially ones filled with sands like this beach, your girl went straight for the cereal box before others started processing the announcement.

With my pajamas trouser, print shirt, Kene’s hat and a cereal-filled tummy, I was ready for a hike. Less than 10 minutes into it, I regretted not wearing my canvas and embarking on this hike (wondered why I didn’t just go back like Alex did). But my regret was cut short as I got to experience fishing for the first time. Seeing those men at first, I thought they were just doing tug of war but on our way back and getting closer to them, they were  actually fishing in this big body of water! It was a beautiful feeling for me as I saw the community both old and young come together to pull the large net to shore. Taught me perseverance, hard work and teamwork. 

Fishing in Lagos beach

I guess it was dog’s mating day, as I saw no less than 3 sets of dogs mating at different places during the hike. 

Returned to our abode to freshen up and relax.

With 10 cabanas, 2 chalets, an indoor tennis court, a clubhouse, kitchen, personal chef&masseuse, grill spot, volleyball court, 4 bathrooms, 4 toilets and colorful walls; housing 38 people which is the max, is quite ideal. 

Price of Chalets: #60,000 per night

                                                           Price of Cabanas: #50,000 for the day

                                                           Price of entire beach house: #540,000

these prices are excluding the on-going 30% discount

Soon, it was time for our next location – Tarkwa Bay. 

Pop Beach house Tarkwa

This Tarkwa beach house has sure got to be my favorite of the two! So much burst of color, the intimate feel and vibe, day hangout with friends, birthday parties and weekend gateways are sure going to be the order of the day here – perfect location!

With Sunday being the last day, the night was spent with discussions, games, laughter and food.

Already experienced the Cabana at Ilashe, decided to experience one of the 5 en-suite double rooms here at Tarkwa and it was all the peace, quiet and comfort I needed as I had an Instastory takeover to do the next day (it was my first and my perfectionist self needed to bring her A game as usual)


Being the last day, it was spent with more picture-taking, room tour, content creation as the crew consisted of bloggers courtesy of The Bloggers Advocate, who organized this trip for us. I decided to take in the atmosphere one more time before bidding it goodbye. I sure was going to miss having a personal chef prepare my meals, being by the beach side surrounded with so much color and not having to care about Lagos hustle and bustle.

.                                                       Price of a room: #30,000 (per night)

                                                        Price of entire beach house: #480,000

these prices are excluding the on-going 30% discount


  • Bring an extension box. There aren’t much charging spots, so bringing an 
  • Come with lots of food and snacks. As a foodie lady with fast metabolism, I got hungry a lot.
  • Wear a Crocs while coming, so as to easily navigate the sand when walking. 
  • Mosquito repellent. That you are away from Lagos, doesn’t mean you’re away from Mosquitoes, though treated nets and repellents were provided, you can still come along with yours. 
  • To avoid paying for the #200 gate fee at Tarkwa, pass through the back village and take a 10 minutes hike. 
  • Best thing about their pricing is, book within this January with their 30% discount and you can have access to it anytime this year. Check out their pricing and more details here
  • As a blogger and brand, you should totally follow @thebloggersadvocate, from tips, workshops on pushing yourself out there and taking your brand/business higher, they’ve totally got you covered!

MoonWalker- Nigerian Styleand Travel blogger in Pop beach club beach house

Where’s your favorite hangout spots or weekend getaway? I will like to explore more places.

Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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