Dear Lagos Traffic Travelers: Top Christmas Destinations

I don’t think anyone looks forward to December in Lagos like I do, because the roads are free, I can get to where I’m going faster than Flash but these days, Hulk Hogan ain’t got nothing on the traffic build-up. 

For non-Lagosians here’s a back story; prior to this time, Lagosians are known to travel to their villages for Christmas breaks, leaving us true Lagosians the roads to enjoy. But unfortunately, these travelers have chosen not to travel this month… at least not early like previous years. 

I’m wondering why but whatever the reason might be, I’m hoping this post gingers them to *inserts puppy eyes*👀


1. Village:

 If you don’t go to see your village people, please tell me, what did you gain this year? But just Incase you’ve seen their hands/works too much in 2018, I’ve gatchu with Cheap flights to Dubai. At least you can relax there before they come again in 2019.

2. New York:

From ice-skating to Christmas tunes to experiencing Santa land to Christmas display window shopping, New York will certainly rekindle the Christmas spirit and leave you relaxed for 2019.

#MWExplores: Top Christmas Destinations for Lagos Travelers

#MWExplores: Top Christmas Destinations for Lagos Travelers

 3. Mexico 🇲🇽:

Lots of Winter sun (not this Lagos sun that’s frying 🌚),  collections of world -class art, vibrant capital city, white sand beaches, I can already see you watching the grey whales off the Coast of Baja California.

#MWExplores: Top Christmas Destinations for Lagos Travelers (Mexico)

4. HOME:

If after all is said and done, gone to moon and back and not found that Christmas spirit?! Go Home. 

Home: where the heart is

Where’s Home? where the heart is ….

But really, those Flights to Dubai won’t be a bad idea 

Where’s Home? Home is where the heart is Where does your heart reside? Click To Tweet

I hope with these points of mine, I’ve been able to convince y’all to travel.

Thank you.


What plans do you have for this Christmas? If you had a return ticket to travel, where would you go?

Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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  • Oyindamola Ajibike

    One of the best features of Christmas is getting together with family. I particularly look forward to it. As I cannot afford to travel to Dubai now, I think I will just go home and visit the extended family.

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