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Travelstart and UberNigeria launch UberEscape

Logging in to my blog dashboard and seeing loads of comments (188 precisely) and 90% of them being spams, I can’t help but laugh about how I’ve been away and how easy I thought blogging was going to be when I started. You know how you say, is not just to take pictures and write few words and go, it won’t take 2 mins; yeah, I thought so too, that’s how I also thought it was for booking a flight. Till I tried googling one day and boy! did I see a ton of stuff I didn’t understand and ended with me closing the page. I thought it was easy like people made it seem. Since I didn’t know any travel agent. I missed out on cheap flights.

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But thanks to Travelstart and Uber Nigeria, I can now turn my ordinary taxi ride to an exclusive flight abroad, all in one place!. I know right, incredible?! Yh, all you and I have to do is:


  • Open the Uber app (make sure it’s the updated version)
  • Signup/login
  • Click on UberEscape in the menu section, and we will be directed to a secured UberEscape website, where we can access exclusive flight deals to our favorite destinations, and let us not forget Travelstart is famous for their cheap flights to Dubai, London, New York, Johannesburg and many more countries.


UberEscape is a collaboration between Travelstart (Africa’s leading online Travel Agency, known for their cheap and exclusive flight deals) and Uber (whose mission is to help people get a ride at the push of a button), which will enable customers, to conveniently access and book their flights through the Uber app as from 01 September, 2018.. As said by the Commercial Manager OF Travelstart Nigeria, Bukky Akomolafe, “We are excited to partner with Uber to make flight bookings even more accessible. With this partnership, customers will be able to book their flights as seamlessly as ordering their next ride via the Uber app”, which reinforces Travelstart’s promise of making flight bookings even simpler for Nigerians.

So imagine a situation, where you can book a flight to Dubai through the Uber App and as well, book a ride to the airport and on getting to Dubai, book a ride to your hotel or destination there,, all in one app, how cool is that?! *applauds in convenience*

Travelstart and Uber Nigeria launch UberEscape

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What’s cooler?! You can also win two FREE economy return flight tickets to your chosen destination! All you have to do, is follow the instructions on my Instagram page –@evetonnia (go check it out)

What are the things you thought were easy until you actually tried it on? If you were to win, where and with whom will you go? Do share below

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