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The measure of a good traveler is by how light he/she travels.

Naturally, I’m a heavy packer because I feel anything can happen in a journey, like the person you’re staying with can decide to take you swimming or you get a job interview there and you didn’t pack any formal clothes ( I get hysterical about packing) but being with my mum will teach you to pack light and I mean a trip of 2 weeks into a small backpack ­čśé (s/o to my mum). She taught me some techniques and I also learnt some in my university days. These tips were also applied when I was packing for my NYSC.
From experience, nothing beats travelling light. It saves you stress and helps you to shuttle well between emergencies and delayed flights.

No matter where you are headed and the purpose for your trip, these tips will coe in handy when packing light for air travel.

How To Pack Light for Travel


  • Plan Ahead: Planning ahead of the trip, helps you to prepare, get cheap flights┬á┬álike this cheap flights from Lagos to New York
  • Research: Find out the rules, dress code, restrictions of your destination, as it will help you to determine what to pack. Also, check your airline’s baggage restrictions and limits.

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  • Make a list: of things you will need for the trip and also differentiate what’s necessary and whats not.
  • ┬áThe size of your travel bag determines how light you travel. For short trips, backpacks are a good and effective way to pack light. Here are good backpacks in Nigeria
  • How to pack light for air travelWhen you think style and adventure coupled with life warranty, think Jansport bags. ┬áTheir backpacks are durable and of good quality with over 40 years of experience under their belt.
  • If you’re travelling for work and your laptop is required, put your laptop in a laptop backpack┬ábefore putting it in the travelling bag, for safety and this also makes room for other items.
  • Your ideal travel clothing should be ┬ádurable, versatile, take up minimal space and weight, and matches with the rest of your clothing in style and fit.


It’s one thing to know what to pack, it’s another to strategically pack it.

  1. Rolling instead of folding your clothes makes room for more items in your bag.
  2. To have more space in my backpack, I usually wear the bulkiest of my clothes on the trip. My mum made sure of this when I was going for my NYSC camp orientation.
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  4. Anything you can get cheaply at your destination, it’s best you don’t pack it.
  5. Have a color palette or combination of your clothes, so it’s easy to mix, layer and create different looks, which reduces the quantity of items packed.
  6. For Shoes, it’s best to pack two – one for formal wears like loafers and another for adventure and hiking moments like canvas, sandals et al.

Packing for travel ├žan be a chore, but all I think about is my destination which eases my mind off the chore.

Are you a light or heavy packer? What tips do you employ when packing? Do share below.

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