Casual look for Valentine's day

Some might think casual style isn’t the most appropriate Valentine’s day outfit and they’d be correct – it isn’t, especially since everyone is expected to be on a date with the significant other. But let’s face reality: Not everyone is going on a date, not everyone even has a date and not everyone loves the color red! So if you are like me, who red isn’t on the list of fave colors or pink doesn’t even make the cut; then Burgundy is your save  this period!

With Burgundy being my color this season, this wrap top and sunglasses gifted me by Ifeoma makes a statement

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Outfit details:

Top&Sunglasses: Gifted

Jeans: Yaba market

Mule: @moonwalker_official

Bag: Mum’s

Just before you make it out of here, I also curated things to do this Valentine if you’re single and not expecting gifts.


Have Fun: Go out, hangout with the girls

Smile: It’s just a day, so don’t beat yourself up for it.

Look Fabulous: Always stay classy, irrespective of your status and happenings.

Put on Lipstick: For the guys, take care of your skin and glow!

All in All, do what makes you happy! Sleep, work and binge on food and movies, it’s just a day (with feelings)


What are your plans this Valentine? What color are you wearing tomorrow? Do share below

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