tips and tricks for travelling with kids
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tips and tricks for travelling with kids

Travelling is something I always look forward to, the excitement, moving from one place to another, exploring beautiful and spectacular places and making an adventure out of it but the procedure can be quite tedious howbeit, travelling with kids either for work or holiday – HANDFUL! Travelling with my siblings and little cousins can be quite annoying especially when they want to do things their own way and not listen to you.

Well, here are some tips I learnt from travelling with kids the hard way – experience, trust me they do come in handy.


Research the Country: When travelling to a country, irrespective of if it’s your first time or not, you need to update yourself on the laws of the country, so as not to find yourself breaking them, know if your children require visas (some countries don’t need visas for children), the current weather of the country, so as to know what to pack and prepare for the journey.

Book Ahead: Booking your flight tickets, hotels ahead saves time, energy and let’s not forget money with those  cheap flights! This helps to save the agony of trying to pay especially when you are with your children at the airport. It helps for a seamless and stress-free trip.

Know your kids: This is very important as your kid’s behavior and reaction will determine if the trip ends up as a holiday or another nightmare. Know their allergies or reactions (if they experience motion sickness, allergies to weather, food and what’s not.)

Pack: Pack enough snack, books (coloring books, puzzle books or reading books), and toys to keep them busy while on flight, we all know how “everywhere” children want to be when on a plane. They become restless, bored and hungry and to avoid them stressing you and other passengers out, pack along food, toys and books to keep them company. Also don’t forget the clothes and other necessities!

Prepare them for the Trip: Describe where they are going, what to expect, the experience, and the fun things, also explain it to them in form of stories, make it sound like an adventure, so as to get them excited for the trip. You would not want a child that’s not keen on a trip with you, trust me! This also helps, so they can tell you what they will need on the trip.

Arrive on time: Get to the airport early before its time for your flight. Rushing to the airport just before its time for your flight won’t work because it sets you and the children in a tensed mood and your feelings and things will be everywhere. Go early, so as to have time to spend with the kids, walk round the airport, checklist every item on the list and be ready for the flight.

Keep Sanitizers, wipes and handkerchiefs in hand, so as to avoid you and them getting an infection from dusty places and public items and also getting messy.

Avoid sweets: We all know how sugar makes one super active, no matter how tempted you are, don’t pack or give them sweets or items with high sugar, so as to avoid you having more than a handful.

What to wear: For nursing mothers, wear a loose top so as to have easy access to breast-feeding your child. Dress the kids in comfortable clothes suitable for the weather of both countries. For example, if you have  flights to U.S.A.  and it’s hot here in Nigeria and going to be cold when you land in the US, take a jacket/coat with you, so prior to landing you dress them in the  jacket/coat. Also, don’t forget the light blankets.

While on the flight, explain to them what is happening, why they need to put on their seat belts and every question they have (though they might ask a lot, be patient with them), play games with them.

Ask for Help: Don’t be too shy to ask for help from the hostess or a fellow passenger willing but be sure not to burden them. Most people are willing to help especially when they see the fuss your child(ren) is making in the plane.

Be careful of who comes near or touches your children at the airport. Not everyone that is in the airport has good intentions, so your children don’t fall victims of smugglers and also don’t end up with swapped or missing luggage.

When it comes to landing, there’s a pressure in the eardrums and infants haven’t been able to equalize it, reason for their screaming when landing. To help with this, give them food to chew on or toys to play with, for a baby – breastfeed them.

Here are more tips from Travel Start

Travel start Nigeria, tips and tricks for travelling with kids

Now with these tips, all you have to worry about is, “when is the fun starting?”!!

Have you traveled with kids before, what was your experience and also what other tips would you give, do share in the comment section


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