How to make New year resolutions work by Nigerian blogger (MoonWalker)


I How to Make New Year Resolutions Work I How to Achieve Your Goals

How to make New year resolutions work by Nigerian blogger (MoonWalker)

As voted on my IG stories, here’s my take on New Year Resolutions (NYR) and how to make it work (do share yours in the comment section)

First of all, I’m of the opinion that : “Everyday is an opportunity for you to be better” so why wait till a new year to change or become better?!… but since we are all on it, here’s my take…

New Year Resolutions is a list of plans one makes to change a habit, improve or achieve goals after a reflective period of the past year. Some people feel it’s a scam because in a few months into the year,  you’ve forgotten about it and also how people always say “New year, New Me” like last year they were a servant and the new year brought them princess outfits (Cinderella…)

               A New Year doesn’t bring a New You

Most times we create resolutions and goals and expect it to work without putting efforts. NYR deals with you! You have to take conscious efforts towards achieving what you’ve put down. You don’t just enter the new year and expect everything on the list to jump on you.

I do liken NYR to goals, reason why these steps can also help you in achieving your goals.


Start Small: Most times we start resolutions on a big scale like wanting to loose 30kg, buy a car, have 30 billion in the account all in one month (this is me just exaggerating, lol, but you get the drift); which becomes overwhelming, take them one by one, don’t try and do them all at once.   You can also break them into bits; weekly, monthly or quarterly. Change one behaviour at a time.

Rephrase it: instead of saying “I will” which sounds ambiguous and unattainable, add ways to achieve it. Have a realistic plan

For example, “I will stop taking coke this year” instead say and do “everyday, I will take 2 bottles of water” that way you take more water and gradually reduce your coke intake

How to make New Year resolutions work, how to achieve your goals

Don’t be like Me ( A Perfectionist): Yes, this post is also for me because every time I set a goal or plan and slip, I dump the plan totally and beat myself up for it,instead of continuing with the plan or goal. Working towards your resolutions doesn’t have to be perfect, you will forget to work out  a day or two (probably a week), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue from where you stopped.


Ask for Help: Don’t be shy to ask people, friends or anyone you know that has a wider knowledge than you on that issue. Also,

How to make New Year resolutions work, how to achieve your goals

Don’t Compare: Your journey is not the same with others. “You can learn from others, but don’t feel like you have to measure up to them.”


So, what’s your take on New Year Resolutions? Do you feel it’s a scam or not? Also, how do you work towards achieving your goals, do share your tips 


Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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