How I edit my instagram photos


| How I Edit My Instagram Photos | How To Make Your Melanin Pop in Pictures

I have been looking for ways to make my pictures look good, skin popping and quality yet still look natural till I stumbled on this edit while playing with the Vsco app and it has saved me having to use Photoshop and best thing?!.. they are both free and available on Google play and App store (win-win)

I call this edit the Melanin Poppin’ because that was the most comment I got when I posted the first picture with the edit also, it makes your melanin pop. I tried making a tutorial video but my video-editing skills is not on the same level with my photos yet, so bear with me.

Before diving into the edits, let’s note: the picture itself has to be good before it can turn out great. I use an Infinix X510 phone to take most of my pictures except blog pictures. Though the picture used as example was taken with an iPhone 5s, other pictures used here were taken with my phone.

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                                                  HOW TO GET A GOOD PICTURE

* Clean the camera lens, either of your phone or camera. It is important so as to allow clarity of the picture.

* Increase the brightness of the phone

* Good background

* Good composition and you are good to shoot!



How I edit my instagram photos

AIRBRUSH: I use this to whiten the background or any other areas I will like to whiten in the pictures and sometimes use the Muse Filter (this determines on how already pop my melanin is in the picture).

It is also one of the best apps for cropping pictures, as it does not reduce the quality of your picture like Vsco and most apps do.


How i edit my instagram photos: the melanin poppin' edit

Step 1: I select the picture I want to edit

Step 2: Go to the Whiten tool and whiten the background or places I want to white. You can increase or decrease the brush size and also erase parts you might have made mistakes in. The blue highlight in the picture above shows the parts I whitened.

How i edit my instagram photos. How to make your melanin pop in pictures

Step 3: After whitening, I go to the filter section and select Muse, take it to a 30 or 40 depending on you.

Step 4: Tick the blue button and your picture is ready for the next stage in the next app!


VSCO: The remaining edits are done here. I love Vsco for the “copy and paste edits” feature, which relieves you of the stress of having to go through the process again.

How I edit my Instagram photos. How to make your melanin pop in pictures
The process

Note: I use none of the filters in VSCO

These edits can also be used for other types of pictures like outdoor, food.etc, you might just need to tweak it to suit the picture.

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How I edit my instagram photos. How to make your melanin pop in pictures

How i edit my instagram photos. How to make your melanin pop in pictures

How I edit my instagram photos. How to make your melanin pop in pictures

There you have it, How I edit my Instagram photos and make your melanin pop in pictures, so if you have any questions or get stuck in the process, I’m just a comment and DM away.

What apps do you use for editing your pictures? Also, what tips do you recommend for taking good pictures? Do share below.

Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂


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