Content Creator, Photographer, Visual Artist, Musician, there is most of the time a hesitation when you mention this as your chosen career path to African parents, because it’s not the usual doctor, lawyer, engineer they are used to or want you to become. Some of you might wonder if this still happens, but yes it does, in a “woke” age that slave trade still exists, African parents not supporting your passions in a different career path is a minor.

While at Danessa Myricks class at the GtBank Fashion Weekend, a young man asked a question about how to get his parents to support his passion for make-up and beauty especially his mom, who warned him not to even try as little as bring a first-aid box (make-up box) into  her home (lol), that question struck a nerve in me, because I had been there…


Sit them down:

Educate them, some parents don’t know much about the field/industry you’re going into, don’t assume. You need to sit them down and explain to them. Even if they know, they might not understand it the way you do, so explain it in your own view. Be polite and come to their level.

  • Show them examples and works of people that have made it in your chosen path, your role models. Explain your plan to them, how you plan on making it.


Ask about their Fears:

No parent wants their child to be a liability/failure, which is their major fear. So, you must understand where they are coming from. Ask them what their fear is about you pursuing the path you want and come to a truce. Meet them halfway.

Let your Passion show:

You need to let them know this isn’t just a phase but a passion! They have to see the seriousness and determination in you.

Go for it:

If after practicing all the steps above and they don’t come around, go for it! Find ways to make it happen, if you keep waiting for them to come around, you may wait forever. Some parents just want to see you take that first step. When they see you succeed, they will come around.

NOTE: Your parents deserve the respect of you educating and telling them about your passion first.

I hope with these few tips of mine, it will work out for you and take you steps closer to achieving your dreams. If you’ve ever been in this situation before, do share how you made it happen in the comment section

What’s your take? Do you think African parents can really support their children’s dream especially when it doesn’t coincides with theirs?


Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂


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