I didn’t make plans to go thrift-shopping, I was just  at Oshodi (Lagos, Nigeria) and remembered how I had been wanting a flat mule, so decided to go look-out for any at Arena ( a centralized market in Oshodi, quite popular), though I didn’t see any. On my way out of the market, a vintage scarf got my attention at the railway side, went to the seller and saw tops before I knew it, I was paying for 7 tops(did someone say impulse buying?! ) Well, lets see what I got!

Thrift-shopping in Nigeria is way different from that of the abroad, it’s more of bending and selecting except you’re doing it online; in reality, you might end up struggling with someone for an item (though that wasn’t my case)

I really love the lace details of this
  • Not every item is in good condition, some you have to mend, wash well, add buttons like this one 👇, so don’t expect them to be perfect.

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  • You get discounts when you buy in large quantities from the same seller, starting from half a dozen (i.e.6)


  • Don’t be in a hurry, take your time to look at the item well before buying, so you don’t end up having a white elephant.

  •  Start with the striped ones. Surprisingly striped items always have the unique designs and sometimes they are the perfect card to finding some cool items. You can tell I took all the stripes(lol)

  • Timing: this is key in getting really nice items. In Lagos, there are days for getting unique items i.e. new bail (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), go early in the morning or when the sellers are packing (evening time), that way they sell to you at a cheap price, other days you just get things at a cheaper price and they might not be really dope.

Note: Some sellers already tell you the price of an item before you start shopping (e.g.shouting 100NGN,100 NGN), in cases where this is not done – Don’t be eager, don’t show your excitement about an item you like because the seller might try to increase the price or hoard it.

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Remember I said discounts, well because I got more than 6 tops, the woman gave me all at 600NGN instead of 700NGN. I can’t wait to style all these pieces. I love how unique the designs are and also the quality (talk about a win-win buy!). Which is your fave?

Do you thrift-shop? What are your tips for thrift-shopping? What’s your take on thrift-shopping?

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  • Atinuke

    I’ve never gone on thrift shopping but the testimonies I’ve been getting make me eager to experience one. I love all the tops,they all have a touch of style & uniqueness , they aren’t just shirts or tops. It’s difficult to choose one. I should definitely give thrift shopping a try, I hope I get this lucky!
    Thanks for sharing.

    • admin

      Yh, you should definitely try it out. I pray you get very lucky with it. I know right!! the uniqueness of them had me shook.
      Thanks for coming, hope to see you more here

  • Charity

    Lets be honest most times we all go thrift shopping i know i do and i love the feeling especially when its a win win !
    Ill go with the brand with no name though.

    • admin

      Girl!! it’s an unconscious love I have for blue, I just tend to go for it.
      I thrift anywhere, I find what I like, its quality and I have the cash with me at that moment. But places to thrift, there’s Oshodi, Yaba and Katangua in Abule Egba, hope I was able to help.
      Thanks for coming 🙂

  • Phiyah

    I love thrift shopping but most times I’m not lucky, I think it because I’ve never gone early enough or because I don’t know when the open a new bail. Thanks for sharing this tips, I’ll notify you if I ever get lucky😘

    • admin

      Glad I was able to be of help dear, can’t wait to see what you get. For when they open new bail – Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays and go either early in the morning or in the evenings when they are about packing-up that way, they are compelled to give you at cheap prices.
      Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you more here 🙂

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