How to network effectively at fashion events


Fashion Events is an opportunity to meet, network with your favorite style icons, influencers, brands and their owners .

Apart from the outfit, which everyone will surely have prepared, the networking aspect also needs to be prepared for. It is at events like this, deals are struck, friendships and memories are made, collaborations are deliberated on and who knows love might find you(lol).

  • Have a Pitch

Cassie’s post on elevator pitch actually inspired this post, I learnt a lot about having a perfect one-minute elevator pitch. Your pitch doesn’t really have to be the same for every situation but have something solid that says a lot about you and your brand.


Now that you have a pitch, how do you present it in an event like fashion week? keep reading to find out 


1. Start with a Compliment

It is fashion week, people will be dressed in captivating and quirky outfits and one must certainly catch your attention, it could be either in the way the top is being worn or the shoes. So, you can go on and talk about how you love the pairing.

Note: Be Sincere.

2. Continue the conversation

Once the person responds with a thank you, he/she can also give you a compliment. Then, you can talk about the event, find out things you have in common


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3. Introduce Yourself

While you’re talking, you can slide in your introduction. For example

                                                                                         “Hi, I’m Moyin,

editor at – a fashion and lifestyle platform that

aims at motivating people to be the best versions of themselves.

What about you?”

Or it could even be in the middle of a discussion, like:

“Oh! really, I also create contents too.” 


“I remember one time I was researching

on a topic  for a post I was to put up about …. and I found out….”

So, he/she introduces , you can further ask questions about their brand or themselves and find a connection or better still a solution you can offer to them.

Note: Be Pro-active.

4. Make a Strategic Move

Before the conversation ends or becomes boring, make a strategic move, which could either be giving them your business card or contact details, asking striking questions that can lead to a more and exciting topic or conversation or showing them a sample of your product or service.

For me, I’m always wearing one of my product, either my bags, footwear or cloth designs which I use to further show them my work and abilities.

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5. Practice

Write down all the things about yourself, your brand and practice, trust me it may seem easy till you start and find out pitching to someone can actually be difficult (talking from experience). So practice before the big day!

Note: You don’t necessarily have to practice the conversation (because it may not go your way), but practice your pitch and research on topics  or questions that strike up conversations ( be it in politics, fashion, the event you’re currently in, a disaster or experience.etc)

Not everyone will be receptive to you due to their mood, work and thoughts, so don’t be discouraged by one person, move over to another and don’t be pushy. Be Cool!

What tips do you have for networking? Are you Shy or Out-spoken at events? What’s your fave and worst experience at an Event? GTBank Fashion Weekend is starting tomorrow and I’m pretty much excited, are you?


Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂


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