stripes, palazzo pant, prints, shirt


stripes, prints, palazzo pants

I’m sure from the title you will be wondering what’s the difference, well, there’s a difference between prints and pattern. Print is a design being printed on while Pattern is a model that can be woven or repeated into different materials and styles. For example, my palazzo in this post is a print because the shapes and design on it was printed upon the layer of the fabric and it is distinct while, the shirt I’m putting on is a pattern (stripes, which can also be seen here) woven and is repeated into different fabrics and styles.

Back to today’s outfit, here are

Tips on how to mix prints and pattern perfectly

stripes, palazzo, hair bun, shirt, print
– Large plus small in terms of pattern size and body size: The designs on the prints and patterns to be mixed should be big + small, not big+big or small+small

stripes, palazzo pant, print, shirt, black purse
– Mix prints of different scales: Here, I chose to mix stripes because this print pant is the less dominant one while the stripe is more dominant, as it has bold colors and designs.

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stripes, print, palazzo pant, hair bun, black purse and heel
– Choose items that share a main color: The items to be paired should have a similar color. Here, blue and white is the main color, as both the top and pants have the colors in them

how to mix prints and pattern perfectly. stripes, palazzo pants
– Play with size. When mixing prints, you can choose different sizes, make the shirt big, while the other fitted, or make both wears big like here, I chose the shirt and pant to be baggy (not everyone can pull this off, so the former is better)

black purse, stripes, shirts, palazzo pants
– Add a diversion: To avoid it being too streamlined, add a diversion; it could be in form of earrings, belt, bags.etc, which is the reason for my black mini-bag.

stripes, palazzo pant, prints, shirt
– Last but not the least, Confidence. Following these tips is not complete without you being confident about your style and outfit. Once you believe you look good, everyone does same.

Outfit Details:

Top: Atmosphere

Palazzo pants : @moonwalker_official (IG)

Purse: Mum’s

Shoes: Madden Girl

P.S: These tips can also be applied to mixing prints on prints or pattern on pattern.

Are you a mixer? What other things do you consider when mixing prints and patterns? Do share below 🙂


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