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How was your weekend, mine was great!! and I had soo much fun. A lot of you (Nigerians especially) must have been seeing this poster on twitter and other social media platforms.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The name of the group is Restructure Africa and we had a project to visit Ijora Badia Slum Lagos. The aim of the project was to support 5000 people including men, women and children with food items, clothes, shoes and school materials; this we did achieve thanks to everyone who helped in any way.

This was my first time volunteering for an outreach outside school (my friend is the head) and I was so excited to be a part of it. Before the main event, we had to sort-out the items to be distributed (making sure the clothes were clean and in good condition, arranging them in sections, arranging the books and other items donated)

Our Convoy 🙂

On the day of the event (12th of Aug), we all met at the sorting-out venue and arranged all items to be donated in our convoy, met other volunteers. When we got there(Ijora), the logistics team were already there before us since 8am. Apart from giving out clothes, shoes and food; we also had a health sensitization talk with the residents about Cholera (its causes, prevention and treatment), after, we distributed the clothes and food items while jamming to music (mini-party). When we were about leaving, some men in the area, decided to act funny (requesting for money and all, which was not in our agreement with them), after much hassling and talks, we were allowed to leave.


Some of the items donated

    • Be nice and open: You will also meet people of different ideologies and behaviors than you, so don’t be so quick to judge and be receptive and tolerant to people and you also network.
    • Be ready to sacrifice your time: from sorting out the items to be distributed, to getting there early and it probably might not have started, you might get frustrated but just remember it’s a sacrifice.
    • Take your hand-sanitizer with you
    • Sometimes I’m shy
    • Be Alert: be sensitive to the people and environment around you.
we also did face -painting


  • Research on the area and kind of people you will be reaching out to: for example, if certain things are forbidden in those places, the languages they speak.etc, even though the group would have done theirs, you also should do yours, so as to be informed and notice something that went unnoticed.


  • Make sure the logistics is properly thought through and sorted out (how items will be shared, activities and environment layout.etc)
  • Lastly, be ready for the camera: Smile, so you can look good for the cam (lol)

For more pictures of the outreach, search Ijora5000Project on any social media platforms

Other times, I find the good spot (before my work started)

This was an exciting event, and I will sure recommend volunteering to someone. Have you volunteered for an outreach? How was it? Spill in the comment section below. So, how was your weekend? What did you do? Do share, I will love to know. Do you have plans for the coming weekend?

Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂


  • Kel

    I really love this, super detailed and yet also well summarized, anyway it’s highly expected from a great mind like yours. Keep it up and the sky is your stepping stone.

  • Micheal

    Amazing experience Moyin. I volunteered at the “Lagos Sees” project where free eye glasses were donated to people around Holy Child college, Obalende.

    Touché to being open minded, sacrificing your time and using sanitizers regularly. Ciao

    • admin

      Whenever it comes up again, do let me know, a sister needs new glasses! Hope you had fun at the project.
      Thanks for coming back 🙂

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