This literally has to be the funniest title I’ve ever given any of my post, if you don’t agree, comment which was your funniest.

This series is going to be talking about how I spend my weekend and how it went, things I learnt and many more. First on this series is how I spent my Easter break (where the whole idea came from)
During Easter, there is usually a conference for the youths organized by Winners Chapel of which my school (Covenant University) is a subsidiary of, I had to attend. This year’s forum was tagged “Making Your Life Count” and the theme was “Unveiling the Unlimited Breakthrough Power of Love” and I must say it was an awesome experience in God’s time and presence. It was from Thursday 13th –Monday 17th

Things I learnt

-Loving God is living a God-first lifestyle, placing Him above all heads including yourself, identifying with Him openly, publicly and unashamedly. Mark 8:28. Luke 14:26-27.
-Love makes us indestructible. Ephesians 3:17-19.
– Liberty without boundaries is captivity in disguise.
-Your passion in most cases is a pointer to the problems you are created to solve.
– Confront the devil with words and not Silence or meditation. When the devil tries to confuse you or make you feel lower or jealous or come into your thoughts, don’t just be quiet or try to focus your thoughts on other things because it rarely works; rebuke him out loud, because he needs your voice to keep shut!
-Love is a choice not a gift which can only be powered by the Spirit. John 21:15-17. Matthew 26:31-35.
– There are seven inheritances of Christians – Power, Riches, Wisdom, Strength, Glory, Honour and Blessings; according to Revelation 5:12. As Christians, we are all entitled to these because we not only love God but also walk in His ways and Serve Him, which entitles us to them.
– Money isn’t evil but the love is.
– Soul-wining validates your love for God.
On Sunday, I got my face beat for the first time this year (because laziness) and also got my selfie-game back on.

Wig: @moonwalker_official (I.G)
Make-up by @_nthanda (I.G)

If you went to this conference, do share what you learnt and for those that didn’t I hope we all learnt a thing or two. How did you spend your weekend? Have a Lovely Week!

                                                        SHARING IS KINGING!
Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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