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It’s #InternationalWomensDay , so I’m throwing back to this shoot I styled last year. I also double as a Stylist.
   I chose to infuse the Greek Goddess into it, to give a Floral and Greek Queen, reason for the model’s attire. Added the flowers, to give a subtle look for the queen. Though she’s a queen and fierce but yet she’s kind and knows what she wants for herself and her people.
The beauty and wonder of trees and nature itself give affirmation of God’s creativity and perfection.

 Just because she’s from the forest, doesn’t limit her to her surroundings, she embraces the diversity of people and races and makes it work for her, because she’s a Queen and a Woman.

 TEAM (I.G. Handles)
Photography: @Chromamedia_
Model: @Cassy.polo
Make-up: @haddasah_beeauty
Flowers: @madebyetse
Creative Direction&Styling: @evetonnia

 She is Kind
 She is Fierce
 She knows what she wants and goes for it.
“There is no force equal to the strength of a woman determined to rise” W.E.B Du Bois.

 TEAM (I.G. Handles)
Photography: @Chromamedia_
Make-up: @Haddasah_beeauty
Model: Agbir Rita
Flowers: @madebyetse
Creative Direction&Styling: @evetonnia

What does being a Woman mean to you and What are you proud of? What do you think about this ? let me know in the comment box. For Collaborations and Enquiries, email – moonwalkertalks@gmail.com

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