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  This month has been one of my best months so far, so many things to be grateful for, started new things and many more, join me as I do a recap on the happenings of February.

 Currently Starting
– If you’ve been viewing my instastory, then you will know I’ve begun taking shoe-making class every Wednesday (perks of following me on instagram? ).Here, are the things I’ve designed and made this month.
– I’ve also started writing for a fashion and lifestyle site Stylehubng.com , you can check out my two segments here and here more new segments to come by God’s grace
– I’ve also started a new segment on Twitter (you can follow here ), where people share the lessons they learnt during the week, be it spiritual, book-wise, experiences literally anything. You can also join the conversation, using #MWLessonOftheWeek, every Friday.
Currently Loving
–  I’ve been skeptical about getting new heels, since almost all my heel shoes develop one problem or the other after getting them, so I decided to go on a break. Well, decided to try my luck this month and got myself a new pair and I’ve been loving it ever since, so comfortable and attractive. What new thing did you get this month?
Currently Appreciating
  – The love and support I’ve received so far, especially since I got nominated in two categories for the Redefiniton Fashion Show (blogged and reviewed it here)
– Also the wonderful people I’ve met this month and also the people who have stuck around with me all this while, my readers included.
Currently Looking Forward
  To starting a lookbook series on the blog, where I create looks of a style or trend. For example, this month, the theme was French, you can view it here. Guess what March’s going to be?
 – Looking forward to styling this set of lingerie, I got from Adedamola (I.G), soon on the blog.

                                       Spot my HDQ Planner by Dee
Currently Working
 On my final year project, as defence is in the last week of March, and also working on becoming a better person and eating healthy.
Currently Excited About
   – The College Week happening in school because classes end by 12, thereby giving me more time for my project, relaxation and preparation for tests. Also excited about M-donughts!!! If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know how excited I am. I literally talk about it every time, so M-donughts is coming for the trade fair, Amazing donughts with all the toppings, you can ever wish for. You can also order for yours (Lagos and Ota residents) here

Thanking God
– For the ability to post more on the blog, irrespective of my schedule, also making me an inspiration to others and  also making us to be alive, hale and hearty to see this new month and many more months.

    Lessons I Learnt this Month
–  Don’t ever feel guilty for doing what’s best for you.
–  Take life one step at a time, don’t try and rush things or do many things at the same time.
–  Put yourself out there. Value yourself and let people know it. Be your own cheerleader!
– The Single life is not for the weak and faint-hearted.
– Appreciate yourself more, because you always deserve it. Give yourself credit for how much you’ve come.

How was February like for you? What lessons did you learn and what do you hope for this new Month? Do comment below, as I love hearing all about you. 

Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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