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Hey dear,
   It’s a day to Valentine and in this part of the world (and maybe all parts of the world), Valentine is not a public holiday but a day where we show love and still go to work. Changing from work to the dinner planned by your loved one can be stressful because of closing late from work, traffic and thereby making you late or unable to go. So, here’s a way to Slay at work and also to your dinner, all you need is a long-sleeved shirt (which basically everyone wears to work!)

Work- wear

Dinner Wear (Quick DIY)
    The same shirt used for work can be converted for dinner, and this was inspired by I.G.- @chicamastyle .
– Button the shirt from the bust to the end
– Wrap the sleeves of the shirt around your arms, to make either an off-shoulder or one-shoulder top
– Tuck the sleeves into the bust of the shrit at the front.
– Depending on what you wearing, tuck the down-prt of the shirt into your skirt or trouser and you’re ready to Slay!

Hope you were inspired! What are your plans for tomorrow, I would like to know.

Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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