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Hey dear,
 Happy New Month! May this month bring about blessings, favour and all our heart desires and also a better economy for us all. Due to the responses I got in this post , I decided to share my hair journey and tips to maintaining dreadlocks (a.k.a. dreads).
While I was about to go natural, I didn’t want the chop my hair the normal way (go to a barber to cut my hair to a short length), wanted something different, so I decided to stop relaxing my hair for 4 months (August-December), then in December I did Dreadlocks which I took on for 6 months yes people, siixx months! probably the best hair decision I ever made, it was stress free, easy to maintain and style!! Dreads is the best way to transition your hair to natural, as it saves you time, stress and agony of combing your unrelaxed hair and doesn’t take much of your time to style especially if you are always in a rush. When I took out the dread, my hair had transitioned properly and the “un-natural” part of my hair came off, so I was good to be called a Naturalista!?

What I used: Supreme Hair ( Afro kinky Braids) , used 1pack, I wanted it short (shoulder length), so it was divided into two. You can also use Noble Gold Artificial Dreadlocks.
It wasn’t crocheted, I can’t really remember how she did it, but I know she used thread to make it thick and my hair wasn’t out. 
Supreme Afro-Kinky Hair
                                                          Noble Gold Artificial Dreadlocks
Requirements: –  Oil Sheen, 
                         –  Hair Mousse, 
                         –  Hair moisturizer, 
                         –  Tooth-brush hair brush 
                         –  Tail comb.
– Moisturize your scalp and inner parts of your hair every 2-3 days. I used Organics hair Mayonnaise and Morgan Pomade.
– Use the tooth-brush hair brush to brush your edges.
– Spray the hair mousse to rub the dreads by palm rolling, the spray the oil sheen to make dreads look nice and shiny every 2-3 days.
– Wash your hair every 2 weeks or once a week, depending on the amount of dirt you allow. You wash it like you are washing your hair (its water-resistant) and drys very fast.
               And you good to go!
   Tip: it gets finer and more realistic as the day goes by.
            It’s the Weekend, don’t forget to Live, Laugh and Love!
If you have any questions concerning dreads, you can ask below ?? . Would you try dreadlocs? How did you transition your hair, if you natural? I would love to know in the comment section
Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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