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   Like I promised in this post, here’s a review of the Redefinition Fashion Show. The Redefinition Fashion Week is Covenant University’s fashion show organized by the students to showcase and promote the creativity of the students and young designers in the fashion world. This year’s theme was “Urban Twist” and it was for three days (16th-18th of February).
  16th – Jamboree/Awareness
  17th – Workshop
  18th – Fashion Show (Main Event).
I continued my french lookbook from here to the last day of the event. Photocredit: I.G.- @the_olayide


I only went for the last day of the show, which was the main event and I got backstage pass to the event.

                                                    Peep the polka

                                              Designer- Maj’ Motif

                                                Designer – Vourdi by Sonia

 The Judges: L-R: Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Nkem Marchie, Akin Faminu, Jane Michael Ekanem, Damilola Oke
– Everyone got to meet the special guests and judges after the event, especially me, as I met my Celebrity Crush (if you know me, you know) Jane Michael Ekanem!!!it was such an amazing moment with her and she remembered me. Other guests, such as Nkem Marchie, Henry Uduku, Lex Ash

                                          Jane Michael Ekanem and I (Her Smile ??)

                                                      Nkem Marchie and I
– The Backsatge was actually fun for me, as I got to experience the behinds of a fashion show, the models, designers, make-up artists and everything in-between.
  Backstage pictures (Photo credit: Stj photography)

My Favorite Looks: My favorite designers were Carl Cobane (the prints and nets!!), 6:15, Vourdi by Sonia, Maj’Motif, Le shoks.

                                                 Designer- Vourdi by Sonia

                                                 Designer – Carl Cobane

                                                 Designer- Vourdi by Sonia

                                                                     The Hosts

                                                    Photocredit – I.G.-@ai_fokus

                                                       Designer – Carl Cobane


– Awareness: The awareness and PR for the show was late and low, not much people knew the details of the event and the awareness started late, which I guess should be the reason for the low turn-out.
– Nomination List: We all know that when there’s an award show or an event that has awards to be presented, the nomination list comes out a week early or weeks earlier, but with this show, nominations came out at different times, a week before the event, two days before the main day of the event and they were all to end on the same day and also be presented plaques on the same day ???
– VIP and Regular: The regular ticket was for #2,00 and the VIP was #4,000. In my opinion, there was no difference between the VIP and Regular at the event, the cocktail promised for the VIP was not gotten, everyone still had the same view.
– Time: When you want to tak about African time, this was displayed here extremely. The last day of the event was slated for 1:00pm, but the event didn’t start till past 4pm, with guest sitted waiting. It took a lot of time before it started, when it started, there was a lot of waiting and there was no cooling system.
– Winners: I would have asked why tell people to vote when you had your winners, but then it was later stated that there was twitter poll and voting, we would like to know in what way the voting was taken the selection of the people who participated in the voting, because it was made to assume that it was only the twitter poll that was to be used.

P.S. This is not to bash anybody or their efforts but to tell them that they could have done better and people had expectations for this event and also things to consider for people wanting to organize events in the future.

If you went for the show, which was your favorite look and your take on the event? Do share below.

Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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