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Hey dear,
 Hope it’s not too late to scream HAPPY NEW  YEAR!!! I’m just so sure this year is gonna be our Year of Greatness!
The Holidays have come to an end, work has now begun and so does school. Today’s post is about styling prints to work most especially Vintage prints.
Most people in their work-wear wardrobe usually go with one color like black, blue.etc and don’t wear prints to work because pulling off prints to work can be quite tricky. The ensemble can look too loud or work inappropriate if things are not done rightly. Well, look who’s here to help?!?
  How to style prints to work
          Careful Pairing
Make sure you pair your prints carefully. If you wearing a vintage shirt like mine, choose a fitted trouser or skirt.
         Go Easy on the color
Choose neutral and solid colors (black, dark blue, grey and brown) to balance a loud pattern. In this case Less is More.
          Go Small
    Prints (whether polka dots, vintage prints, floral or stripes) are better when they are small. Big prints overwhelm the look.
          Hairstyles and Accessories 
          Skip dangly earrings, loud color bags and big hairstyles. Stick to simple and tone colors, because you don’t need anything extra getting in the way to complicate the look.
         Watch your feet
    With prints, you have to watch your footwear because they can go from classy to costumey. Simple and elegant shoes anchor your look, so choose classic pairs like court shoes like I did or not too dramatic flats in solid colors.
Going to work Smiling brightens up your look and day!
Now you can add Prints to your Work Wear Wardrobe!
   How have you been? Am I the only one who thinks the days of January are flying to fast? Would you rock prints to work and what other tips do you suggest? Do share in the comment section. I love to hear from you.
Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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