Hey dear,
Here’s my last post for 2016 and what better way to end it than with an Outfit post! So its Harmattan here in Nigeria, and this how it’s got me, especially in the mornings. I paired my lace Bomber Jacket with this purple palazzo pants and black socks and a bandana (all you need for this weather). Reason for the title of this post is because, in this weather we all need  Hot Sauce. Styled the bomber jacket as an off-shoulder, one-shoulder outfit and full. What’s your take on it?

 As you step into 2017, Remember to,



                                                           Look up to God

 Its been an amazing year with everyone of you, for reading, commenting, subscribing and always been there. Thanks everyone and a Great 2017 to us all!!!

Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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