Hey you! You miss me?
  It’s been so long here, and I missed each and every one of you both the ghost readers ?, those that comment and subscribe, I missed y’ll and I’m glad to be back!
Quick Recap of what I’ve been up to:– Finished exams and back home! ??
                                                            – Working on my final year project, which is on the Nigerian Fashion Industry and also involves me using questionnaires, if you would like to help me, I would deeply appreciate it.
                                                            – Started an official page for MoonWalker on Instagram  here, which showcases all our business works such as Graphics Design, Style and Business Consultation, Bags, Footwear and Cloth designs, and we also offer custom designing for fashion lovers and designers and also exclusive information and giveaways. Please do follow.

Back to this outfit
   I’ve been in love with bell sleeves lately and shift dresses ever since I got one which I shared here, so I decided to design one and ever since been lazy to post it, so here it is!
This shift dress, gave me all sort of vibes, so I couldn’t resist styling it in 3 different ways. Here is one of the ways, will share the other looks soon (Subscribe, so you will know when). December is going to be filled with lots of shopping parties, fashion cookouts and all, and this shift dress is the perfect outfit for this!
Am I the only one who thinks the Hair and the Dress complement each other ? giving this Mama Africa vibes ??. 

                                                      Start your week with a smile?

                                                            Edited by – I.G. – @evetonnia                             
                                                            Hair – I.G.- @moonwalker_official
                                                            Dress – I.G.- @moonwalker_official

So how would you style this shift dress? do tell me, I would love to know. What do you think of this shift dress?

Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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