2016 has been my year of Beginnings; the year I started this blog (Blogiversary soon guys) , the year I started the MoonWalker brand (the cloth, footwear and bag designing, wig making and consultations) and also the year my social life and interaction took a downturn ?

It was also the year I fell in love with Blue unconsciously and also my shoulders 


– Do good as always, even if there is no profit or reward.

– Be kind and helpful to people (in words, cash, kind and any little way you can)

– Smile always! You don’t know who your smile might brighten their day or who might fall in love with it

– Busy does not mean Productive. You can be busy and not productive.

– The fact that people aren’t talking doesn’t mean they aren’t watching

– Give it your all, irrespective of what people think about it, because they will be the ones praising you when you are done.

– Believe in yourself Always!

– Better Days are ahead! Don’t think too much on your past, losses and failures. Move on!

                                                            Nature Photography with Ladi

                                                                     School girl


– Don’t let someone talk you down, if someone makes you feel stupid or inadequate, let go of that person, you will always find better.

– Don’t fall short of your expectation.

– Positive Vibes only!


– Be your own cheerleader, don’t always wait for people to cheer you. 

– God cares about everything concerning you (from your hair, to your clothes, to every single detail about you) Always tell Him about them.

– Always remember that God is always working behind the scenes for you, it might not look like it but believe and trust Him.



2017 is My year of Greatness, where I finally put to use everything I learned from my small beginnings.

      THINGS TO DO IN 2017

– Practice all I learned

– Do what I love – motivating and helping people

– Smile Always

– Network more

– Work on myself, blog, business and attitude
– Work on styling and style consultations. For collaborations (photographers, designers, bloggers, brands, stylists) please email

– Editing videos and pictures.

– No more procrastination and Laziness 
– Appreciate myself more and spoil myself every once a month.


                                                                          Always Question

-Thinking of moving the blog to wordpress, they’ve got cooler themes, commenting is easier and more plug-ins to help the blog. (what do you guys think? do let me know)
– What was 2016 like for you? what did you learn and how would you practice more in 2017? I would love to know, do share in the comment section!
Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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