So, it’s Friday which screams weekend and rest for most of us, which is a good time to prepare this Lovely Juice/Smoothie for yourself, Family and Friends.
  I know what you thinking, and no I haven’t joined the FitFam not yet. This is like a continuation of my Anti-Carbonate Therapy, and it’s both for the SweetMouth *catches sub* and the FitFam. 
 So, here are steps of making the Juice/Smoothie and it’s quite easy

– Watermelon
– Blender (not one previously used for tomatoes, make sure its clean or new)
– Sieve
– Water
– Ice cubes
– Yoghurt (Optional)

    Step 1: Get your Watermelon, and cut it into small cubes.

      Step 2: Put the Watermelon Cubes into the Blender and add Little Water, then Blend!

 Step 3: After Blending, sieve the juice, so as to remove the seeds and mashed form.

 Step 4: Put the Juice in the Freezer to cool, and after its Ready to drink. Trust me, it’s really sweet in this form (A Sweet Mouth told you so)

  For those not on A FitFam Diet, I added Hollandia Yoghurt to the Watermelon Juice and put in the Fridge or you could add the Hollandia Yoghurt to Sieved Juice and Blend with Ice cubes and you good to Drink!!!


Which ever form you take it as, it’s really Sweet, I couldn’t get enough of it. I would like to know what you think about it (do try it).
 So what’s been going on with you? I would love to know. Have a Lovely Weekend!

  Now may the God of hope make you full of Joy and Peace through Faith, so that all hope may be yours in the power of the Holy Spirit. – Romans 15:13.

Remember, Sharing is Kinging 🙂

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