Finally! January is coming to an end, after like how many months? 2? or more. I seriously think March should be ending by now and not January. It’s been kinda slow.
  So Lately, I have been struck with this Unusual Love for White! Like this color is so appealing and exhibits so much Grace, I find it hard to believe one can go wrong with it (but if you’ve ever, kindly send me a picture to prove me wrong :)).  An All White Outfit is an even Greater level of Slay!
  White can be worn in any Season and any Occasion, It knows how to anchor statement pieces and add pop of color to your outfit, and can make you look from simple to stunning, either way you want it. As much as I would love to stock my wardrobe with so many white pieces, my bank account looking at me like 

                         Here, are Various white outfits and ways to style them




     Now to Foot-wears, White Foot-wears are damn! most especially the foot-wears that have white soles

               So, what are you Currently Loving? I would sure love to know. Cheers to the Weekend!


                    Gentle Behavior, Control over Desires: against such there is no Law. – Galatians 5:23.                                                                                                      



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