Happy New Year,

   Welcome to this new year, (it isn’t old to say it :p) and New Blog. May this year bring More Grace and Blessings.
    Burgundy! Burgundy!! Burgundy!!!

 This is one sleek and versatile color that sure knows how to switch up your look from sexy to casual to classy, depending on how you want it. It’s safe to say its this year’s color, a lot of people been rocking it and sure does look good and one you can stock in your wardrobe this year with any piece, be it Shirt, Trouser, Jacket, Midi Skirt.etc. You can say its my new Black, because its dark-red. This lovely color can be paired with muted colors (Black, White, Beige.etc), Blue, Brown tones . For those who might not fancy the color black or dark colors, this could be your New Black. It’s one color for all.
    Here are several pieces and how to style them, hurry and Stock!!

                                               Peexo of

                                               I.G -ladivaplusstyle

                                                       Ada of

    It sure looks Good on the men.

                         Do tell me what you think about this color. Have a Lovely Day.
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